VoiP Softphone Development

Seamless communications. Anywhere, and everywhere. Communications re-imagined.

There are many characteristics that define Digitech– Robust Performance, Distinctive Design, Cost efficient, Exhilarating and Refined Communication Experience. The combination of all these traits is what makes our products stand top in the crowd. Digitech always read ahead any inflexion in the VoIP market and lead to provide the innovative and advance solution to the VoIP Communication Business.

Digitech Mobile Softphone – Brings the Advantages of VoIP in Your Hand

With the mounting popularity of VoIP technology in the business arena, the demand of sophisticated and advanced VoIP hardware and software has increased a lot to sustain the growing business communication need. Digitech, which is a respectable name in providing the world class VoIP solution to the service providers and end users, comes up with the highly advanced and feature-rich mobile Softphone to fulfil the growing demand of VoIP communication. With the intention to offer global VoIP solutions at affordable price to squeeze the benefit of mobile VoIP, the Adore Mobile Softphone is developed by our research and development team at Digitech.

Advantages of Mobile Softphone

Mobile Softphone which is also known as Mobile Dialer is nothing but a small mobile application which is when downloaded and installed on any mobile device makes them enable to make and receive VoIP calls by using the 2G, 3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi internet connection and VoIP service provided by any VoIP service provider. With this small, yet powerful mobile application, one can easily make and receive national or international calls directly from their Smartphone at significantly lower call rates. Therefore, without making a hole in the pocket, one can enjoy endless talk with their family and friends.

Business Communication Goes Mobile

Our Mobile Softphone is the perfect solution for business communication as it can offer crystal clear voice and the facility to voice chat from anywhere in the world with just a Smartphone and Internet connection. Now, any businessperson doesn’t have to stick to their office table to receive and make business calls or talk to their clients business partners, or their employees. The Mobile Dialer in their handset enables them to have business communication even while sipping coffee at a restaurant.

Furthermore, we also offer a customization facility for service providers. They can customize various features as well as put their company logo or name on the user interface of this mobile application for personal branding. Our Softphone is available for all leading mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS. A blend of great design and user-friendly features, this mobile Softphone is an example of innovative technology and sophistication.