Digitech Trading Limited

Digitech Trading Limited, formerly known as Digi Telecom Limited, was established in Hong Kong in 2012. As a pivotal player in the Telecommunication and IT sectors, Digitech has expanded its expertise into datacenter management, hosting services, software development, cybersecurity, IT outsourcing, and specialized VoIP enterprise solutions.

We are a team

We are a team at Digitech that combines diverse technical, creative, and management skills unified by a common passion for innovation and design. Recognizing early on that modern challenges require "Smart Thinking and Intelligent Actions," we have dedicated ourselves to developing path-breaking software solutions that transform business operations and enhance efficiency.

Our services

Our services are designed to cater to the intricate needs of our clients, helping organizations manage and record micro-level information seamlessly. From mobile app development to Ecommerce solutions and beyond, Digitech provides comprehensive support to retail chains in India and the Middle East, ensuring quality and reliability in all our offerings.

Start your own Telecom company

Digitech team has a diverse range of technical, creative and management skills. But we all have one thing in common: we’re all passionate about people as we are about design

Digitech Trading Limited formerly known as Digi Telecom Limited was established in Hong Kong in the year of 2012. Apart from being a major player in the Telecommunication and IT sector, Digitech is into sourcing Furniture and Home Accessories for retail chains in India and ME. We realized very early that the changing times demand ‘Smart Thinking and Intelligent Actions’ and began to follow this approach moving into the development of path-breaking software solutions to change the direction of businesses. We offer lots of services such as Mobile App Development, e-commerce development, VoIP Softphone Development, SIP Soft Switch, and all other Software that help organizations record micro information with ease.


Experience Certainty

True certainty of success is achieved by working with a partner you trust and who can provide you the insight, support and expertise to drive your business forward. With Digitech experiencing certainty literally means you can count on your results, leadership and partnership.

We focus on the long term success of our clients and that is our biggest motivation. We offer you the ability to meet each and every challenge and nimbleness to capitalize on every single opportunity. That ‘power of certainty’ is the promise to each of our clients.

Proven dependability

The hall mark for all our engagements is to serve solutions with reliability ‘on time and on budget’. With you in every step, from idea creation to design and technology implementation, we will make your transition into e-business as smooth as possible. Digitech delivers projects with exceptional professionalism and full return on investment accountability

Delivering customized solutions

Along with our comprehensive range of services we also offer expert solutions that will optimize your systems and helps your organization to respond more quickly to market changes. Through our customized solutions you will be able to operate more efficiently, improve profit margins, reduce risks and achieve success with better visibility.

Collaboration that works

We strongly believe that the best solutions always come from a collaborative relationship with the clients. As your global consultant, the Digitech team will closely work with you to understand your business transformation goals, provide best in-class solutions and will carefully suggest the most efficient plan to implement your strategy across the organization. We believe that a masterpiece product is a result of our client’s brilliant idea equally blended with the creativity of our developers and the skill of our experienced team.

Solutions for long term

We give priority to our clients needs and all your concerns will addressed with great care. We work with you throughout the entire project life cycle, right from negotiation to customized solution design to delivery. We constantly ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services and our team will be there to lend support as and when needed. Besides our top management team, we influence our close partnership with the leaders of all streams whether it be industry, academics or technology around the world to bring you world class industry leading solutions.

A dedicated approach

With Digitech you will experience the best designs and development services and unparalleled long term relationship .With a long term view we ensure that the solutions we deliver today will meet your needs and thereby enhancing your business to defined heights. From our years of experience in developing business and IT strategies and solutions, we help you to implement the quick moving integrated systems and processes which will help to improve the efficiency and performance of your business environment.